Saturday, October 13, 2012

More Smiley Faces

Since the smiley faces on my post "Smiley Face Game Markers" have been so popular, I made a few more. It's amazing how expressive a smiley face can be since there is so little to work with, just a yellow circle, eyes and a mouth. These were made in Adobe Illustrator. I like to keep them simple and as true as possible to Harvey Ross Ball's classic smiley face design.

Changing the eyes to half ovals gives the illusion of raised cheeks, creating an expression of delight or satisfaction.
satisfied smiley face
Ah, yes!

Tilt the eyes to make a smiley face look up.

"Look at that!"

Ever wonder what a smiley face looks like from the side? Me either, but now you know.
Smiley Face from the Side
Smiley Face Profile

What do smiley faces dream about?

Sweet Dreams Smiley Face
Sleeping Smily Face

Replace the eye ovals with exes makes a smiley face go unconscious.

knocked out smiley face
Knocked Out Smiley Face

What do smiley faces know that we don't?

In the Know Smiley Face
Winking Smiley Face


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