Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Here's an assortment of smiley faces I made for you for the holidays. Use them however you wish. There's a smiley face elf, a smiley face wearing a Santa hat, a smiley Santa with a hat and beard, a smiley face Santa with a hat, beard and mustache, smiley face Mrs. Santa Claus, smiley face ornaments in yellow, green and red, a smiley face reindeer with antlers, and smiley face Rudolph with antlers and a red nose. Oh yes, and a smiley face snowman with a carrot nose. These were made in Adobe Illustrator. Now if you'll excuse me, I should probably go work on my thesis.

Smiley Face Elf

Smiley Face Mrs. Santa

Green Smiley Face Christmas Ornament

Red Smiley Face Christmas Ornament

Yellow Smiley Face Christmas Ornament

Smiley Face Reindeer

Smiley Face Rudolph the Reindeer

Smiley Face Wearing a Santa Hat

Smiley Face Santa with a Beard

Smiley Face Santa with a Beard and Mustache

Smiley Face Snowman

1 comment:

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