Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Smiley Faces 2

Here are some more smiley faces, feel free to use them however you wish. You will find below:

  • angel smiley face with a halo
  • mustachio smiley face
  • smiley dude with sunglasses
  • smiley wearing headphones
  • smiley babe with red lipstick
  • glasses wearing smiley nerd
  • spiked hair smiley punk both from the front and the side
  • smiley wearing shades
  • smiley licking its chops
  • smiley whistling
  • smiley crying, boohoo

I should have been doing homework, instead I was making smiley faces for you. Enjoy. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

smiley face wearing a mustache

Angelic smiley face wearing a halo

smiley face dude with shades and headphones

smiley face wearing headphones
smiley face wearing lipstick

smiley face nerd

smiley face punk front

smiley face punk side

smiley face wearing shades

mmm, delicious!
smiley face with tongue out

whistling smiley face

crying smiley face

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